Jupiter Hell (DoomRL 2) looking for animators/riggers (and artists in general)

Hello all!

It's been some time I wanted to register here, and now I have a reason :). Some of you may know my game, Doom, the Roguelike, which is a roguelike top-down 2d remake of Doom ( http://doom.chaosforge.org/ ).

Nowdays we are working on a 3d turn-based roguelike, Jupiter Hell ( http://jupiterhell.com ) that will be coming to kickstarter soon! The game is a classic roguelike, spiritual successor to DoomRL, but with modern 3d graphics and a focus on deep replayability (but still turn-based). Thematically it borrows deep from all the classic shooters, Doom, Quake and it's sequels.

We are currently in dire need of animators/riggers to animate our current set of models for the kickstarter gameplay videos.

Regular bone animation is needed, no facial animations, rig usually doesn't include fingers. Same skeleton might be rigged to multiple models/model parts.

Ironically currently the only supported animation format is MD5 (although that will change soon), so knowledge/experience in exporting MD5 animation is a big bonus -- hence my belief that someone here might have the necessary skillset.

We're also always on the lookout for artists for other positions!

If interested, e-mail me at "admin at chaosforge.org", with samples of your previous work.

Warm Tear,
Kornel Kisielewicz

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