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Valentine Violence [A Valentine's Day Map]

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Valentine Violence is basically my Bitter Emotions in Map form.

I may sound like a complete Softie but this had to be done!

P.S.Sorry for wasting your time with this garbage. It came from the deepest reaches of my emotions, Think of it as my St. Anger of DooM Mapping.




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Map01: Hangar

Delicious Valentine's slaughter!

Strange map name aside, this map was an excellent reason to bust out some Russian Overkill and just let loose on the 274-monster romp that kept me entertained for the time I played it!

Despite the loose architecture and general full-ness of the map, there wasn't really a dull moment!

Some Things I Noticed:

1) Plenty of health! Plenty of ammo, too! Enough said.

2) Emotions? I call it an excuse to slaughter! As sadist as that statement sounds, your frustration led to quite the slaughtermap! I'm not ashamed to say I'm in the same rut you are this Valentine's Day.

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I knew Valentine's Day needed another massacre to spice up the holiday for the rest of us.

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TheMightyHeracross said:

What does this have to do with Valentine's day?

This map is basically what I was feeling during valentines day! Mapping therapy at it's finest (or at its worst).

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