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xxbio Warfare11

Doom builder 64EX

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When editing in doom builder,(specifically for doom64EX)I seem to have trouble with placing enemies on my map. I can place objects, but monsters will not appear in game. It shows the monsters in the editor but when I test the map they are just not appearing.

things Ive tried to fix the problem:

Made sure to start the game with monsters.
They are set for every difficulty.
Reloaded the resources.

Could this just be an issue with the program or doom engine?

*using doom64EX 2.4*

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Your editor might be configured to not show monsters during testing. There should be an option for this. Look for a small arrow next to the 'test map' button and it should display a drop down list of choosing difficulty as starting the map with or without monsters.

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IF you have it set to load with monsters, the other thing that might be hindering is the monsters themselves aren't flagged for the appropriate difficulty.

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