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I'm almost done with a mega wad and I was wanting to make a custom intermission if you don't survive the final level. So I read up in Zdoom Wiki and discovered there is an intermission definition and a DeathSequence property for MAPINFO. Just what I was looking for! So I tried it in SLumpED but got the errors "intermission is an unknown top level keyword" and "DeathSequence is an unknown property". I know how to make a custom text screen after completing a cluster but has anyone been able to create a custom intermission?

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Whenever you get messages about unknown properties/keywords, it means that the version of ZDoom you're using is too old.

If there isn't a git hash tag* next to the feature in question in the wiki, it should be a feature available in the latest official version of ZDoom. If there is a git hash tag, then you need a development build.

(* I don't mean a hash tag with git, like on #twitter #tumblr, I mean a tag with a git hash, as seen here.)

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