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Why is this texture vertically unalligned in Chocolate Doom?

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I've recently been remaking the Doom level Unholy Cathedral. Its visual design will be reminiscent of the original but the layout will be fairly original.

I barely even started and already I've found this small texture problem:


The animating fire textures (FIREWALLs, in editor is FIREWALLA) look as though they're unpegged but I actually aligned them properly in the editor. They appear as planned in pretty much every sourceport I've tried.

Well, Um... that would be two. Zandronum and PrBoom.

What's causing this?

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IIRC, vanilla Doom has some issues with negative Y offsets on textures. I forgot the exact details but I think it might be the reason.

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That's the FIREWALL textures, right? I believe the problem here is that their height is a non-standard number: 112. (The standard numbers are the powers of 2: 32, 64, 128, etc). Such textures work a little bit differently when aligned. I'll be back if I find more info on this.

edit: oh, I think it's a combination of what Gez and I have said. Non-standard height texture + negative Y offset = the game displays it differently from the editor.

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