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zoomshoes - musician looking for exposure, feedback, collabs

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I've got a friend from way back, goes by "zoomshoes" on SoundCloud (discography link). He hasn't been musicking for long, so I think he'd appreciate feedback and collab work (either with mappers or other musicians (Doom related or no)).

I've put the question to him before, and he is amenable to modifying his MP3s to be more loop-able, etc, for Doom maps. Only problem is, I release a map every maybe 1.5 years, so I'm not really helping his exposure. And I'm no musician, so my critiques don't really help him grow as an artist.

So yeah, what do you guys think of his product? I'm trying to lasso him into registering on these forums, and what better way than a post about his SC profile. :P

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Hey! I'm zoomshoes, very amateur musician, and I'm interested in maybe throwing together some music for anyone needing any for their mapping projects! If you check out my soundcloud, you'll find that while I'm nowhere near an expert, I like to spread what talent I do have around, and give a lot of different genres a try. Recently I've taken a liking to more industrial-sounding stuff, which just might fit in with somebody doing a factory-themed map, or something.
Let me know if you want me to get a song together of a given theme, and I'll do my best!

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Told You was my favorite of the ones I heard. The... maracas or whatever and bass drum could be like 3x in volume if I felt like complaining about something. The 2 melodies on top of eachother w/ different notes but same spacing give it a sort of epic chord striking feeling or something (I think chords went ddad(repeat)). I was bored and made a remix using the same main bi-melody. Your overall song is better, mine is a cacophony of too many notes:

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