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General Rainbow Bacon

Doomguy's Trials v1.0

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Here's a map I have been working on for a few days. It's called "The Trials". You have been sent to investigate a report of strange things happening in a corner of the city. When you get there, you do discover a strange grate opened in a building that was never there before. Grab your trusty weapon and head on in and find out what's going on.

The map has 4 areas, a base area, sewers, a town, and a mystery final area. Inspired by HR and AV. Enjoy!

here's some screens:

The map:


Fixed one minor thing.

Also, make sure to use glboom people, prboom makes a nasty hom out of the entire last area.

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One of the early revenant pits isn't working for me, I think the surrounding sector doesn't have the right floor height.
Nevermind, I see you fixed it.

Pretty tough so far and I'm only getting started...

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Fun map! I got all the way to the "mystery section" in my second attempt before dying stupidly, first one ended already in the first area.

I thought the first area was very well designed gameplay-wise, if you don't mind a bit of claustrophobic action. I liked the way you pressure the player to keep moving and one really has to watch his back here or you end up dead quickly.

The sewer part was alright too and I definitely liked the look of that little unaccessible side-area with all those corpses laying around. I actually don't know if the liquid is even damaging since I had a suit on at all times but I assume it is due to the multiple radsuits. I think it's a very good decision to have the floor damaging because now time is also a factor which adds another pressuring element to the gameplay. The main fight is maybe a bit limp though since the Mastermind is pretty helpless like that and the turret enemies provide a little too little threat in my opinion. Maybe you could have added something to teleport into the back area with the red door when the Mastermind wakes up, that then spill into the bigger area from the sides and force the player to move a bit?

The town part was a fun one as well nothing to complain about really. The trap design there seems simple but it does get a bit difficult with not much room to move and retreating would result in unwanted scattering of the enemies.

My experiences with the mystery finale were cut a bit short but it did seem like the most difficult area in the map. I'd think that the teleportation mechanics can be exploited quite heavily though so cheesing the whole thing could be very possible. I checked out the final room too and it seemed like a reasonable ending. I doubt I'd have survived it in the FDA though but it seemed not too dickish.

tldr: Good map, nicely done.

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fda, died at like 40 min if I remember:
Nice looking map. The death was wtf lame.


shot a dummy doll doomguy that popped up apparently

I just played with homs. Not running out of radsuits was the most interesteing gameplay element I think. The fights were kinda lame, trigger something then kill a horde of 1 species of monster 1 group at a time, which made for a boring fda to watch probably. Having lanterns block corners is iffy, like snaggy corners everywhere, and the teleport lines could cause accidental teleports at the end.

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My main complaint is how boring the small maze-ish section at the very beginning was. It was tedious to go through each time and didn't really feel like it served much of a purpose at all.

The sewer section was a lot of fun. At some point I was running out of the radsuit and some archviles had just appeared and I just had to say fuck it and rush to the next area.

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^You mean the very beginning with the outside area and hatch into the building right? Yeah, I could take that out, but being that I wanted to convey the sense of doomguy going into a secret building I decided to leave it.

ggg: I know some of the gameplay is a little lamer and easier in some places, but this time around I was trying to make a map that was geared more towards lower end HR gameplay rather than revenants, chaingunners, and craziness everywhere. Maybe the next map will have more of what you'll enjoy. This might end up being a mini-episode say 5 - 6 maps or so. I've got more trials in mind :D

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That section with the teleports looks really cool. If you give the outside sector a height of 1 instead of 0, I think you'll avoid HOM in software mode. Also might look better with a vertically tiling sky.

edit: Here's a tiling version of RSKY1 I made in 5 minutes if you want it. Maybe a different sky would look more special though? Anyone else can use this for whatever if they want, too.

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