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Looking for a few good mods

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So, now that I'm almost finished getting Doom Wad Station back online - probably be done some time next week - I'm looking for some good, in development, Doom 3 total conversions to add to the Doom 3 Total Conversions pae on the website. Any suggestions?

Actually, if there are any really good maps that I could review - that would be cool, too

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Abandon All Hope In Hell is a great expansion pack/total conversion mod for DOOM 3. It contains 21 levels of Hell that DOOM 3 really needed! Plus they are in the style of DOOM PSX/DOOM 64. Also, on a side note, I'd recommend Blade Yajuta's Weapons Ops mod as it adds in a Beretta M92FS, Ithaca 37 "Stakeout" (like DOOM 1 or 2 shotgun), FN P90, and an M134 Minigun! Needless to say it's awesome combined with the other mod! :D

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Thanks man. Downloading it now. That will probably end up on the site before the current Doom 2 conversion I'm playing as I want to review that. :-)
I'm playing Temple of the Doomed by the Risen3d guys. Man, Doom has CHANGED. lol

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