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General Rainbow Bacon

Changing palettes in slade

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The basic idea to have a custom palette in a wad is to have a custom palette in a wad.

In SLADE 3, here's how you can do it. First, import the base Doom palette:
Archive -> New -> PLAYPAL -> Doom

Then edit the palette. You'll have to select which color you sacrifice to make room for more purple. We'll use the blues for this example, but it could be anything else. Select the PLAYPAL lump, and:
Palette -> Tweak

Select the blue range (range selection is left-to-right, top-to-bottom). Give it a hue shift of about 0.060 to turn the basic blues into pretty purples. Click on "save".

If you want to see how it'll look with various resources, you can test the palette.
Palette -> Test palette
This will let you add the new palette temporarily to SLADE's palette chooser. (It'll be forgotten about when you close SLADE. If you want to add a palette permanently, use Palette -> Add to custom palettes instead.) Now, open the Doom II IWAD and browse through sprites and textures, you'll get to see how they look with the new palette. If you're happy with it, perfect, you can continue. Otherwise, tweak it again and retest.

The PLAYPAL lump has only one palette. If you're not targeting ZDoom, you'll need to make the full palette range from this base palette.
Palette -> Generate Palettes
You get a choice between Doom and Hexen palette ranges, you'll want to keep it to Doom. Click on "save" again.

Since the PLAYPAL was modified, you'll need to provide a custom COLORMAP as well.
Palette -> Generate Colormaps

There you go, you can now save your wad.

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Okay, so I went into Slade 3 and went to archive, but I can't make a new palette from the archive menu, it's got either "new entry" or "new directory". I just copied the doom palette from the doom 2 iwad and tossed it in. Would that work?

Next: Under Palette, there is no "tweak" option. Just "add to custom palettes" and "export as".

I don't why you have all these other options that I don't have, are you using a different version of Slade 3? I have 3.02

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Oh okay,

What other features are you planning to add? Can you make Slade a dehacked editor too? I'd love to be able to modify monsters' properties without doing any actual programming.

E: Actually I just thought of something real to implement. In that color tweaking box, could you make it so you can type in the amount of hue tweaking/percentage/luminosity? Dragging that thing to where you want it is tedious.

Try doing the same for the other drag mechanisms. People will be happy :D

Also, make it so if you hold shift and click you can select multiple palette colors.

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General Rainbow Bacon said:

Also, make it so if you hold shift and click you can select multiple palette colors.

What do you mean exactly? You can already select a full range. Hold the mouse button pressed and drag from beginning of range to end. Works the same way as the image color remap feature.

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On 2/22/2014 at 1:44 PM, Kappes Buur said:

The easy way of obtaining a proper palette is, if you have an image already then use
Bagheadspidey's Palette Dump Tool and import the resulting act file as PLAYPAL.


I tried to download his NOTH wad from that site, but the "direct download" links are empty anchors...  :(

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Well, since it's been bumped, it's worth noting that SLADE3 can now do what Bagheadspidey's tool did, and far more easily.

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