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Baphomet's Playground Singleplayer/coop Edition!

What do you think about this wad?  

2 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you think about this wad?

    • Yes I like it!
    • Its fine but needs work
    • Meh it's ok
    • It sucks major %$#@ and I hate you go die!!

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So basically a few months ago I made a deathmatch wad where you could play as demons from doom, and a few people wanted this to be playable for singleplayer so I decided to finally do that.
Obviously I had to change the way classes worked because alot of them didn't convert well to single/coop.

Baphomet's Playground single/coop edition allows you to play as any doom demon, even the bosses. Each demon has its main attack + 4 other new attacks. In addition playable demons recharge ammo very slowly so you will have to rely mainly on ammo drops to fire your weapons. Your main attack costs 0 ammo but is also pretty weak. Traditional doom ammo was replaced with demonic essence which powers the demons attacks.
All demons including bosses can fit where ever the doom marine could and also run at the same speed as the doom marine. Each demon's health varies between 100 health to 130 health and can cap at 200.

The demon and lostsoul do have ranged weapons, but their best damage is mainly melee.

Atm all playable classes start out with their 5 weapons but in the future I might make them collectible like the standard doom guns.



There will be a playable alpha release in 2-3 days.

In the future I may even make Baphomet(aka icon of sin) a playable class but his sprite wont be romero's head.

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