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Automap viewer

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Best option, you ask? Test ingame, perhaps take a screenshot, really.

(not really helpful answer, I know, I hope someone will be able to advise you better)

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I'm curious too, I'd like a utility that can simply view maps. So far I've just been using slumped or wad author.

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Reminds me that "automap preview" is something I want to add in SLADE. Something that hides lines marked as hidden and two-sided lines without differences in floor/ceiling height, and shows as one-sided two-sided lines that are marked as secret.

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So far the 'best' map preview utility is found in Deepsea. I find myself using it frequently when
trying to find a particular map.

Either all the maps of the iwad are displayed:

or if a pwad was loaded, the maps of the iwad and the pwad are displayed:

Unfortynately, or luckily depending on one's pov, Deepsea does not work with UDMF.

It would be fantastic if something like this could be incorporated into Slade3.

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Kappes Buur said:

Excellent programme. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have an option to change the colour of hidden lines. Ideally, we could make them invisible, to get a 'true' picture of what the automap would look like in-game.

Right now, it's like pressing iddt.

EDIT: oh wow, I didn't realize how recently this was done - just figured that link was to a necro thread from some bygone age. Great job, meapineapple.

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