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Falling over

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Into a pile of cotton, preferably. If that is unavailable, then sideways onto my shoulder. I would say backwards, but I'm pretty sure I would just smack my head on whatever surface lay waiting for gravity to just yank me down to it.

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Well preferably where nobody could see my fuckery in the realm of gravity.

That, and to fall vertically without even looking down like a boss.

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Marnetmar said:

Into Retog's big strong arms <3


Thanks for the interesting responses everybody. I look forward to more discussion on this topic.

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Linkrulezall said:

Forward onto a nice set of tits. Preferably attached to someone who doesn't pepper spray me immediately afterwards.



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Obsidian said:

I prefer to fall from grace.

Fight! Something on the dum na ema...

If I had to positively, ABSOLUTELY fall on something, let it be a caco bean bag chair.

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Platinum Shell said:

caco bean bag chair.

this needs to be an invention.

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I borrowed a pair of Olympic grade Giant Slalom skis and was tearing up the same black diamond all day long. It was a blast but towards the end of the day I fell and went sliding down the hill on my back for a bit. That in itself was kinda fun in that I didn't get hurt at all; so I guess I prefer to fall on my back while downhill skiing.

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As a general rule of thumb, when falling backwards it's a good idea to look down so you don't smack your head on the floor.

I've also slipped forward running on ice and managed to roll over my shoulder with nothing more than a scrape on my wrist, although I would probably never be able to do that again if I tired.

In my experience, I've also noticed that as soon as you sense yourself slipping down the stairs, you have a better chance of recovering if you follow your momentum instead trying to change or resist it. For me, it kinda looks like running down the stairs while simultaneously squatting to take a shit. That's actually a horrible description of what it looks like, but it's the only one I can think of. If I'm not crazy, perhaps someone a little more graceful with words has some sort of an idea of what I'talking about and would be able to better explain it?

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