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Doom builder 2 testing problem

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Hello everyone!
I am kind of familar with doom builder 2 and builded alredy a couple of maps but i don't know alot about wad additing or creating a new monsters and weapons.
whenever i tried to add a wad for more monsters or more weapons that i downloaded, doom builder always faild to test it.
a lot of the times its a messeges like:"Execution could not continue
Script error, "SD-BONUSPACK.WAD:DECORATE" line 273:
Invalid state parameter a_custommissilesd".

what should i do?

i also want to know how to use mods in doom builder 2.

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SD-BONUSPACK.WAD is part of ScoreDoom 3.0 r4j2. Using it with ZDoom and GZDoom will throw several errors.

To use it properly with Doombuilder2, you must select the exe file in the F6 menu

Then, when you start with a new map, select the two add-ons

to include these resources in a new map

click OK and you are set for making a new map.

To include new monsters, weapons, sfx, have a look at

Merging a Monster and/or a Weapon into your Map

Merging Several Monsters Into Your Map

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thank you for your help.
it solved my problem
but now there is another problem:
Execution could not continue.

Script error, "DECORATE" line 2:
Actor Arachnobelphegor is already defined.

edit:i solved the problem.
the problem was that i keeped the addonpack and bonous pack in the skins directory of scoredoom.

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