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ACS question

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I'm tying to get accustomed to ACS. I want to write a script to handle doors in an airlock - a switch would close one door, play a sound, and then open the other door.

There is a delay after pressing the switch, and then the door opens. But the other door doesn't close, and no sound plays. What am I doing wrong?

Here's a wad with the airlock.

#include "zcommon.acs"

script 1 (int opensector, int closesector)
    int speed = 16;
    int wait = 100;

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"closesector" is the 2nd argument, so make sure you're actually setting the intended tag as 2nd argument, also if there aren't typos in variable name etc., otherwise I really don't know. How do you call the script, anyway, and from where?

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I got it. You need to use Door_Open instead of Door_Raise, because Door_Raise with delay=0 keeps the door open forever, overriding the Door_Close function.

Also I recommend adding these two lines at the end of your script:

That will prevent undesired effects if the player triggers a switch before he should be able to. The switches will be impossible to operate until the doors fully open/close. They you won't even need those barriers in front of switches.

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Hey, sorry about that. I think it was the problem but my attention got diverted so I didn't look very thoroughly. I'll check now if it's a solution. :)

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