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Restoring a Hexen netgame ends up in consistency failure

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My friend and I started a Hexen playthrough using IPX Network and our game ran smoothly but when either of us save and load the game from SETUP, we keep getting the consistency failure (0 should be -24833) -error message after the game's loading sequence. The games aren't modded and this happened in both versions 1.0 and 1.1. The weird part was when the game loaded succesfully whenever my friend (who was the client) saved the game, until we reached the second hub where it started to crash again. This error hasn't occured to us in Doom and Heretic. Is there a specific solution other than switching to source ports?

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Hexen was fun in coop-mode. Played hexen and deathkings of dark citadel two years ago. Kept loosing our gained weapons for some reason but got around that with justified codes

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