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el zee

Amulets and Armor updates!

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There have been some Amulets and Armor updates recently.

amuletsandarmor.com < the new AA website.

The original coder, Lysle Shields has released the full version of AA and updated it to run on windows. As well as released a special version of Doom Builder 2 to allow AA level creation.
The first user created quest was just released and is pretty neat.

Amulets and Armor is one of my favourite games. It's not a very well known game, as it suffered from poor marketing at release. It's a really cool RPG game which uses the doom map format - but a different engine.
Since now there's a version of DB2 for AA that is pretty straightforward to use, I hope that some of you guys give it a go :)

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Great to see it's been open sourced, though I was never a fan of it myself.

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Very clean looking code - consistently formatted, heavily documented, strong use of assertions and debug logging capabilities, good organization into small modules. Blows most other commercial game engine code away. Definitely deserves some attention.

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