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DJ Rivum

something blateantly obvious

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This might seem really simple but how do you open up either z doom or zdoomgl. Whenever i click on their .exe files the screen goes black and it coms up with this error message
zdoom fatal error
W_GetNumForName:STCFN033 not found

does this mean i have a file missing, if so should i just download it again.
whenever i try to run it through the doom95 launcher screen using the zdoom.wad it`ll get halfway through loading, the screen will go black and you hear the first second of music before it crashes.
can anyone help.

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Make sure you have your DooM or DooM II iwad in the same folder as zdoom or zdoomgl.

Another words find and put doom.wad or doom2.wad or one of the final doom iwads in that same directory where zdoom is.

Other things to note: zdoom.wad doesn't contain any levels, it contains things specific for zdoom.. so it would make no sense to try and load it with "doom95". hope this helps...

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