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custom monster that is fuzzy like a spectre from the sides?

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Is it possible to create a custom monster which has the fuzz-effect when the sprite is viewed from certain angles? For example, when viewed from the sides but not head on. The only understanding I have is that you can give that monster's class the "RenderStyle OptFuzzy" property. But I don't know if this property could be changed dynamically, such as by calling an action function during the actor's state.

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I don't know if you can make the sides transparent or not but I do know you can do a very tacky and extremely ugly/cheap version of what you want where you use fake transparent (chunks of it missing) sprites for the side sprites...

I don't recommend doing this if there is an alternate way, but if there isn't you could always fall back on this (terrible) tactic.

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Since you are mapping for G/ZDoom, take a look at the SpiritImp.

It probably is not exactly what you are looking for, but it might make a good base for what you have in mind.

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What you want is possible in zdoom and gzdoom (but not zandronum currently.) You should take a look at:




and then mimic what he's doing to achieve software "brightmaps", only instead of the sprites with only the lit portion have the exact same sprites that the monster has and give it RenderStyle "Fuzzy".

For the main actor, have blank sprites (AFAIK you'll actually have to have transparent sprites named correctly, there's no shortcuts) for the angles that you want the fuzzy effect and the rest of the angles have normal sprites. For the fuzzy actor you'll do the opposite, and only have actual sprites for the angles you want to have the fuzzy effect and the rest will be blank.

This should achieve exactly the desired effect you described.

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