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There are four ways of obtaining music:

1) Compose the music yourself;
2) Ask a composer to write music for your mod;
3) Find songs you like, and ask the composer's permission to use them in your mod;
4) Find songs you like, and use them without permission.

The last one is illegal, though your mileage may vary on whether anyone actually gives a damn.

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Well, all popular ports that aren't chocolate doom seem to support at least tracker modules and oggs. Prboom-plus, (g)zdoom, zdaemon, zandronum. It could be that some delphi doom doesn't support them but probably it's not a big problem.

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Gez said:

Most ports will only accept MIDI format, though.

I beg to differ. I made a music replacement WAD recently as practice that replaces D_RUNNIN from Doom 2 with a raw OPL music file ripped from DOSBox, and it worked right off the bat. Can't get it to loop seamlessly yet though, but that could come in practice.

But yeah, I've at least had quite a bit of luck using unusual music formats in zdoom...my favorite has got to be Impulse Tracker and the other MOD formats. I'm *really* not a big fan of using prerendered formats (OGG, WAV, MP3) in my WADs, as I find them to be bloated in filesize, un-elegant from a standpoint of functionality, and at the very least, just not very "old-school." But that's just me, you are free to disagree :P

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It worked right off the bat with ZDoom. But until you've tried it with Doomsday, PrBoom+, Eternity, 3DGE, Chocolate Doom, and Odamex, you can't tell that it works with most popular ports.

I don't expect DRO files to work with any of those.

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