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2 Deathmatch Wads / details on new wad

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Well, I wanted to try something new, but I really don't think these wads are all that great... these are just small wads full of maps that I am not going to use on the current wad I am giving more attention to.

Filth - All new maps, 10 in total


Wrath - 1 new maps, other maps are just edited previouly used maps

so anyways, the wad I am working on now, needs some additional help, a few mappers would be great!!

no screenshots, sorry

anyways, thanks for reading

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Hey man, I just checked out your maps. They definitely do need quite a bit of editing done to them. I can go into detail critiquing them, but it is going to take a little bit of time.

EDIT: From your wad "Wrath" I think maps 01 & 02 have potential. If anything my main concern about them is the limited amount of space in them. MAP01 is very DWANGO styled (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) but it just needs a couple more corridor routes to allow the player to maneuver around strategically instead of constantly being face to face with your enemy. There are also some texture offsets that can be easily fixed. MAP02 is the same deal. I think I can edit MAP02 just to give you and example of the corridor route concept.

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I really like map01, seems like an awesome duel map. The only thing I would personally change is making the hallway to the soulsphere wider, other than that you've done a really good job.

I'm not a fan of map02, although with changes it could be improved: The texturing seems very clashy, for example the multiple demon heads spitting blood could be turned into just one in the center which may look a little better. The map is far too small for my tastes though, and this is coming from a player who likes exec.wad which is famous for having pretty tiny maps. If you were to expand it and change the texturing it could be like a whole new map.

Keep it up man, I'm seeing potential for something really fun here.

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Thanks for the constructive critism :D
Right now I am working on a brand new wad with some new maps, the maps in that wad were just cause I wanted to release them, but they weren't good enough for the new wad, I'll share it when it's ready, this is my second major project

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