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Extreme Infight Arena - a Doom programmer's challenge

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to stop by and say I made a thread over on the ZDoom forums that entail trying having custom DECORATE monsters fight one another with almost no rules (but a few). The first round has already been fought and the first winning monster is made by Yholl and his Yhollodemon, who fought against Lol, mine and Ghastly_dragons collaboration.

I am uploading videos of all the fights currently and keeping track of win/loss records as best as I can. Links in the main thread.

Be warned: the videos/fights themselves are pretty boring because attacks are basically 1 hit kills - not too interesting to watch, but fun to try and beat with your own monster.

If interested, you can find the thread here:

I am willing to take monster submissions on this forum as well, I'll try to keep my eye out for them.

A fellow forum user said he was creating a "Quality Infight Arena", so if that's more your style, keep your eye out! (I don't think he's made the thread just yet)

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