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ACS questions

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It is true that scripting was introduced in HEXEN. But now, any pwad for ZDoom/GZDoom in either
Hexen format or UDMF can handle scripts.

First read this: http://www.zdoom.org/zdkb/scriptprimer.html

While it is true that scripts can be cobbled together in a good text editor such as Notepad, Notepad++,
Programmer's Notepad, etc. there are also the separate steps required to compile the script with ACC.exe
and then copy the compiled version into the pwad.

Life is a lot easier when using the build-in text editor of Doombuilder2, GZDoom Builder or Slade3 and
compiling the script by just clicking a button. The compiled version then goes straight into BEHAVIOR.

Note however that while DB2 and GZDB come with the script compiler already loaded and linked, one must
first tell Slade3 the path to the script compiler in Preferences.

And, as in any programming environment, comments are always a good idea.

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I don't use Doom builder 2, I use 1 because my computer isn't good enough for Doom builder 2.

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