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Kontra Kommando

Issue with my Custom Monster

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As I was working on creating the xenomorph queen, I noticed a slight issue; the space between the legs is wide, and firing bullets at it will look like you are shooting at nothing. Could someone suggest ways of how I should write the decorate file, to get around this issue?

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If you make her tall (set large actor height), bullets will automatically target her chest unless autoaim is disabled.

Can't really recommend much more. I definitely wouldn't even try to split her body into more targetable pieces, that brings a lot of complications and side effects and tons of additional coding and "unnatural" feel during the game.

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Yes, "height" is your key...as for her legs, it's an animation; you need to re-draw the sprite.

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saifi said:

you need to re-draw the sprite.

I don't think this is the answer Kontra Kommando wanted to hear. :p

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