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Doom Nexus?

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Just throwing a thought out there... http://www.nexusmods.com started out many years ago as a mod archive for Bethesda's games but has since then expanded in scope, and recently allowed people to upload mods for any game they want, and a site will be auto-generated for anything that isn't listed.

I just think it'd be nice if perhaps more people from the Doom community used the site. It doesn't have to be a replacement for idgames or anything. What I find annoying is that long term WIP projects for Doom have a tendency to rely on very fleeting file hosting services, which regularly sweep uploads that are deemed to not be active enough. Uploading your files to Nexus automatically distributes it to several mirrors, and you can also upload screenshots for the project page. I think this would be much more future-proof compared to relying on the plethora of nondescript file sharing sites.

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Isn't that what wadsinprogress and /idgames/ is for?

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There's 3000+ online users on their forum right now, so maybe uploading stuff there (along with /idgames) wouldn't be a bad idea. Not sure how many people would be interested in classic doom stuff, but it'd be more exposure anyway.

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