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is a not rotating sprite possible? boom

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is it possible to make a certain sprite not rotating
when viewed from different angles?
the new sprite replaces a key, it's for boom

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Of course that both "rotating" and "non-rotating" sprites are possible. Sprites without different angles are suffixed by 0, sprites with angles have numbers 1-8, defining the angle.

Put the sprites in your wad. Let's say, to replace red card. Default sprites for red card are RKEYA0, RKEYB0. You should be fine with sprites named RKEYA1, RKEYA2... RKEYA8 and the same with B.

Relevant info about sprite naming format: http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Sprite (see the paragraphs in the middle)

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ok, I understand, I'll try it and hope that it will look good
thank you

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