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Issue with Hexen DD and GZDOOM

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So, I'm replaying Hexen: Deathkings of The Dark Citadel and for some reason GZdoom is simply not playing any music in game. I get the opening menu them and that's it. Any idea's?

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Note: The version of Hexen: Death Kings available on Steam is not patched. You need to download and apply the Death Kings 1.1 patch first. (The "readme.txt" file it tries to patch has been renamed readme-dk.txt by Steam, but is not important.) All other IWADs from Steam are fully patched.


Compared to version 1.1, the missing entry is the SNDINFO lump, which is used to assign MIDI music track to the maps. Its absence means that no music is played unless audio CD music is used (since CD tracks are associated to maps in MAPINFO instead). This is the only difference; all other lumps are perfectly identical between both versions.

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