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Small map, big kills. Boom format, uses TNT resources. Enjoy!



https://www.pineapplemachine.com/files/doomwads/pplumber 1.02.wad / Doomworld mirror: pplumber 1.02.zip

https://www.pineapplemachine.com/files/doomwads/pplumber 1.01.wad
https://www.pineapplemachine.com/files/doomwads/pplumber 1.0.wad










Edited by meapineapple : fix images and downloads

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Not bad! I liked the Wood theme and it felt consistent all the way through. As for gameplay, it was pretty difficult on UV even when I infighted the monsters, it was fun but I felt that there could have been a little bit more health and a little less empty.

My favorite part would be the Cyberdemon Arena, even if two of them felt a little over the top but hey, they helped with some enemies! :P

3/5 Good!

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Thanks for playing! I made some adjustments in response to your feedback - a little more ammo, a little more health, and 50% less cyberdemon.

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If you, Obsidian, and Memfis somehow worked on a project together I bet you could knock out a Megawad in a weekend :p

Visually it's very good, you're getting better with each map. Good texture choices all around.

Gameplay wise it wasn't bad but waiting for the cyberdemon to get crushed was kind of boring, and many of the other fights didn't feel too engaging, just a "find a monster and shoot it" kind of thing. But I've been playing Doom much more than I should have today so you might want a second opinion on that.
e: The caco fight around the cyberdemon was cool, because I had to keep tabs on where I was with the cyber around so I didn't get shot with rockets.

FDA I recorded with doom2.wad because I can't follow directions apparently. Plays back fine with the proper iwad, you just get to see me examining the first door for a minute for no apparent reason. uses v1.01. I thought the ammo and health balance was good here.


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No, I'd agree with plums here. The only way the Cybers are engaging are if you decide to rush the platform to nab the key. They're harmless otherwise because there's no pressure coming at you from the outside of the arena which would force you to move around and therefore risk being exposed to rocket fire. Waiting for the cybers to get crushed is tedious because of this.

Roaming barons and hellknights are also pretty lame monster choices as they're really harmless in open areas with litle pressure. Your monster ambush before the red key is kinda hamstrung by the tight doorways, cacos had a hard time getting out when I played.

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