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This one's sort of an arena map a slaughtermap. Quite a lot of carnage. ZDoom format, Doom 2 resources. Go get 'em!


vilejunc.1.11.zip / Mirror: https://www.pineapplemachine.com/files/doomwads/vilejunc.1.11.zip

vilejunc.1.1.zip / Mirror: https://www.pineapplemachine.com/files/doomwads/vilejunc.1.1.zip

vilejunc.1.0.zip / Mirror: https://www.pineapplemachine.com/files/doomwads/vilejunc.1.0.zip



Edited by meapineapple : fix broken downloads

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I like it. Just one thing: there are way too many cells. I never ran out of ammo. Maybe if you replace some of them with a RL and some boxes of rockets?


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Oh meapineapple... Since you're quite new around here, I'm not sure how far you're aware about it, but you've just created a so-called slaughtermap. And the slaughtermap genre is surprisingly popular and well developed design philosophy in the Dooming community. I don't enjoy it personally, but I can just tell you the yours was quite fun. The "professional" slaughtermaps tend to challenge the player in a horribly, horribly overscaled way.

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I think one invulnerability at most for medium is good, two is more than enough to release everything and then shoot it all down without taking a scratch. Maybe even two extra soulspheres instead of the invulns. UV kills me dead, which is what a good slaughtermap should do.

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