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New Deathmatch Level! Daethmatch! - new updated version uploaded to /idgames

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Yes, this level IS called Daethmatch for a reason. That wasn't a typo.

This level is for 2-4 or 2-6 players and is seriously fun and seriously exciting. Even playing with 3 Zandronum bots had extreme fun on it. It requires Doom 2 and required use of Brutal Doom (or you only have a pistol :( )

It isn't on /idgames yet. Will post link when it happens.

Here is the map.

Youtube Video:

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I have attempted at making other maps, but this is the only one that I actually managed to finish. I'm really only good at Deathmatch levels, I guess.

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You can close it yourself from the Admin Options, just don't ever make the mistake of re-opening one of your threads after a mod or admin has closed it.

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