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my new map - this time with monsters

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hey, i created a new map. still work in progress of course. the last map just didn't resonated good with me and i put it to the side for now.

this new map has monsters and a few surprises. don't want to spoil too much. i just say that there are only a "few" surprises. so, don't get your expectations up too high.

the map is still pretty small but it's very much playable and i polished it's visuals quite a bit already. in this particular map, i went to the next level with lighting and shadows but you'll see for yourself. it's best noticeable ingame, the screenshots don't really show the effect.

so, here are some screenshots:

download link:


i recommend using gzdoom. the map is in zdoom udmf format, if you want to check it out in the editor.

thanks for checking it out. i would love some feedback but bare in mind that the map is still work in progress. the imps for example are just there as fillers so you don't get too awfully bored.

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I liked this - it's a good texture set which you've used well (which is it?) and the surprises are nice. My one real concern is that I think certain areas may be too bright.

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Rook said:

I liked this - it's a good texture set which you've used well (which is it?) and the surprises are nice. My one real concern is that I think certain areas may be too bright.

the textures are from quake 2 actually.

i'm actually ok with the bightness. if i set a loer value than 255 in the rooms where the wall lights are, the light textures look too dark. i want white light textures to really look like white, not grey'ish.

i also created a video. this shows all the traps, maybe you've missed one if you didn't loose any hp. it's in the first room and it's actually my favorite because of the light effect.


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today only a minor update. i only polished a few things and changed some encounters. i didn't add any new rooms today.

anyways... i would like to give you a short overview about the features of the map.

- this map exclusively uses textures from quake 2. you need gzdoom to view them in their original color. zdoom automatically changes the color palette of the textures to fit doom's format.

- the map features several traps that trigger on different events (mostly item pickups but i will try to create a bit more diversion).

- the map offers pseudo random monster spawns. currently i have defined three different groups that consist of up to four different monster types each. each of the groups is balanced, so difficulty should be the same while offering some variety with each playthrough. i plan to improve this aspect further.

- some rooms feature custom light flicker effects that are created via scripts.

- some rooms feature shadows that i drew by hand. most of the lights create a gradual lightning effect to create a more natural look.

- there is a locked door that requires a red key. to obtain the key, you must beat an encounter in the room prior to the door (kill an archvile). the key can be found within this room. the encounter can be quite tricky but it's doable (tested several times :) ).

i think that's it. here it is.


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update time.

in this update i added ambient sounds to the map and did some tweaking and polishing.

all sounds are from quake2, all credit goes to id software.

and man, ambient sounds really makes the map feel alive. and i just love the sounds. quake2 is probably my favorite of the franchise.



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