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E3M4 progress

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I haven't been able to do much mapping as of late but I figured I should post something of what progress has been made.
Here's a imgur gallery of the quick screens I took and a DL of the current map.

The sections that aren't accessible haven't been touched as of yet, except line tags, items, and monster removal ect, but might give an idea of what was originally intended. The map was no where near complete when I restarted so forgive the 90's/00's-ish styling.

I have run it through plain jane prdoom, and didn't come across problems.
Any comments/idea welcome.

EDIT: Removed old link

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Looks a nice map and very special map to freedoom like this, poor is the fact of player support more freedoom2 than freedoom1 so i'm happy to see this :D

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Woof. Been a bit eh? Got a bit more done on the map then kinda forgot about it for a while. But here is what I have currently.

Not finished (obviously) but getting closer. I loaded it up again and started to rethink the newest section. Perhaps shrinking it up a bit maybe, ect. Still not to sure about adding a "hell cave" area or not as it might start to become a tad long.

Anyways, helpful comments and/or suggestions welcome.


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Catoptromancy said:

Most awesome. The lava cieling looks kind of weird though.

Thanks. Yeah, I played through it and took another look at those parts and kinda "hmmm"ed about it. I wanted to do the skin ropes one in those but the texture looks blech.

Kinda working on that too btw.

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Protox said:

i cant download D: doesn't like a link broken but mega get a unknow error... shit

hmm the mega link seems to be working fine here. I stopped using dropbox, so that one is kaput. Should have removed it earlier.

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fraggle said:

I can't download from Mega either. Do you have another copy that you can upload?

Well poop. I emailed you a copy.

pm me if you want it then I guess. I really don't feel like setting up and ftp server.

Not gonna do those other file send spaces thingies. blech.

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Don't commit that! lol It's done yet not. I just sent it thinking you wanted a look at the progress thus far. No exit, plus unfinished and/ or unstarted areas.


hmm name... Haunt of Agony? Assuming E3 will be hellish named levels
fyi: Originally, back in the day, it was called Spud's House of Pain, but that won't work here.

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