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Doomkid's Deathmatch 2 [Finally Finished!]

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Hello once again Doomworld :)

I just finished Doomkid's Deathmatch 2 - 15 more maps!

Download Here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/v95b22om5gem28g/DK_DM_2.zip

Screens below:

I think people who are familiar with my deathmatch stuff will find these to be above my previous par - I spent more time than usual working on tactical layouts and clean visuals, while keeping the maps fairly simple/accessable to any player of any skill level.

Some of these are remakes of older maps of mine, but revamped for a deathmatch. If you're familiar with them you'll have an advantage when you play online. Each map is full of secrets so wall humping anything that may look out of place is always a good idea.

Map10 has a -ton- of secret areas and walls that can be walked through, and the layout of the map changes a lot if all the switches are found, turning it from a tactical map with hiding spots into a totally level playing feild. I hope you all enjoy these, I had a lot of fun making them and testing them with other doomers!


I'd also like to announce another project I'm working on, called DWANGO20.WAD in celebration of it's 20th anniversary approaching. What I've done is collected 30 of the best DM maps from /idgames made between 1994-1998 (the lifespan of DWANGO) and compiled them into one big mapset in that old DWANGO tradition.

Of course, all of these maps give permission for reuse, and I'll include all accompanying .txt files. I was surprised by the quality of each of these maps, and the attention to strategy paid by the authors. Very stand-out stuff from the old days, the cream of the 90's DM crop. The 20th anniversary is Dec. 11 2014, and that's the planned release date.

Any thoughts on this idea?

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Very nice pack Doomkid :) I'll give a thorough review of it sometime over the weekend.

EDIT: And I very much like the DWANGO20 idea. The beta version you sent me of it was pretty good.

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Thanks for the input man :)

I hope others like the DWANGO20 idea too, I think it'll be a fun little treat for oldschool deathmatchers, not to mention it's a shame for some of these good maps to never get played/acknowledged.

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mrthejoshmon said:

I recognize most of these midis used...

Windows Canyon for the win!

Yes! I'm glad someone recognized it, a relic of a MIDI.

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Sorry for the double post, but I would like to kindly ask if anyone could upload this to /idgames for me? I haven't asked this in a long time, because I was able to upload with ease until recently - I'm forced to use a wireless connection (for the dumbest reason ever.. fucking in-laws) where I used to use a wired one, and now I can't ever get FileZilla to connect. This also blows aresehole because I can't host servers anymore, but that's a separate issue of course.

Anyone who does will be rewarded with pie. Or pizza. Or even pizza pie, who knows. If you do, please let me know :)

EDIT: Of course, if anyone knows a workaround for FilaZilla to work for a wireless user, that would be invaluable and I'd never have to ask this annoying favor ever again!

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I can give it a go when I finish my radio show. It's very likely someone will beat me to it though. :P

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And done. I sent a confirmation email to Ty explaining that you couldn't upload it yourself, so there shouldn't be any hiccups. Glad to help. ;-)

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