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Doom - Evil Unleashed 2.6

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The Shores of Hell – Part 6


I sat down on the wooden floor and took a break.
The floor was made up of several dark brown and light brown squares, making the floor look like a wooden chessboard. The walls surrounding this room were all covered with the same odd growth of sticky, fleshy substance, which I had seen at the Deimos Refinery, and at the far end of the room was a small wooden door with a skull carved on it. I had seen lots of such skulls recently – several buttons had apparently been transformed into skull buttons. In front of the skull door was a big marble block with “goat” faces on them.
I had just killed off two of those “goats”, so my theory about these “goat” pictograms showing that the nearby place was “ruled” by these things seemed quite plausible.
Six steel spears placed in two parallel rows of three ran next to me. Each of them had an impaled head on them. The heads’ lifeless eyes had borne silent witness to the battle against a large amount of monsters I had just fought here. Now my enemies lay scattered around me on the floor.

I had cleared the Deimos Command Center, having avoided what had probably been the Main Control Room, until I had cleared off all the monsters in the other rooms. Now I felt that I needed a break. But I actually spent my break thinking about the whole situation and about what I had learnt so far.

The more I looked at the corpses of these things and at the unnatural surroundings, the more I felt that the monsters were truly demons from Hell.
I found it strange that most of the buildings on Deimos had been affected by some sort of mutational process and so far, the Command Center was the most affected building I had visited. It didn’t look like a base anymore. It looked like a place from a nightmare and it affected me too. I had found a strange marble pedestal with a bloody heart resting on it. The scary thing was that the heart was still beating! I had also found mutilated corpses hanging from rusty chains or impaled on rusty steel pikes, which still moved as if they were alive. Upon inspection, it turned out that they were as dead as they could possibly be, but it seemed as if the soul was still trapped in the body. This discovery unnerved me more than anything else I had yet encountered. I wasn’t really religious, but these discoveries suggested the actual existence of a soul and a Hellish influence which could trap the human soul to it’s body regardless of the state of the body.

There was also the issue about Deimos’ strange, red sky. Deimos atmosphere was similar to that of Phobos’ and the sky on Phobos hadn’t been red. It gave the place a very hellish atmosphere.

It seemed as if I was going deeper and deeper into Hell and the situation was going from bad to absolutely horrible.

But I had killed scores of these horrific “demons” and the knowledge that I alone was a danger to them actually heightened my morale, despite the pretty grim picture that was being drawn.
Demons or not I thought doggedly. Nobody kills my buddies and gets away with it! Not even demons from Hell itself!
“Not even demons from Hell itself..” I said aloud, a small smile appearing on my face. The boldly spoken words helped me overcome the beginning tiredness and I really felt like nothing could ever stop me.

I got up and began to plunder the corpses of dead former humans. I found a few corpses of human marines too – this place had definitely been another major battle zone even before I came here.
One of the marines had had his head torn off, doubtless by one of the goats, but his armor was undamaged. I stopped and looked down my own combat vest.
The chest part of the vest was eaten away by the flaming goo which the “goat” at the Deimos Labs Facility had hit me with, it was scorched on the lower left part of it where a fireball had hit me and I had taken hits from former human gunfire too as was evident by the bullet marks in the plating.
It wouldn’t be of much use anymore, so I tore off the remains of my vest and relieved the headless corpse of its armor. The armor vest adjusted itself to my size and after putting it on, I felt strangely better – almost invincible.
I also found a backpack with some ammo and a medkit. I had recently been wounded by a fireball and a single bullet had penetrated my armor in my side, but luckily, the vest had taken most of the kinetic energy, so it was just a flesh wound – It could have been far worse. I put the contents of the medical pack to good use – it contained a few painkillers like in the smaller stimpacks as well as some drugs, which actually helped my skin to regenerate itself, like the “berserk” drug I had tried earlier, but nowhere near as effective.
After giving myself some different injections and swallowing a few pills I felt almost like a new man.
The backpack contained some energy cell battery packs. I looked at the plasma rifle in my hands. I had found it on the floor during the battle, when these two huge “goats” suddenly broke through the ceiling and attacked me. In the heat of the battle I hadn’t noticed the perforated corpse lying next to the weapon, but now the room was cleared I had time to carefully inspect every single corpse. I went over to the dead marine who was the former owner of the plasma gun and searched him for more cell charges, which he had only a few left of, but my plasma weapon contained several energy cell units and the few charges were enough to fully charge the gun.

The plasma rifle was a state-of-the-art weapon; one of the newest infantry weapons in the military. It was a small, compact, black gun, with a brown coating around the middle of its strange, box-shaped barrel. It was the first weapon to use concentrated energy as means of destroying targets and it marked a revolution in weapons technology. The energy cell batteries, which were small black boxes with a glowing, green energy readout on its sides, were usually contained in larger packs with five batteries in each. These batteries were designed to store, maintain and charge a special, concentrated type of plasma energy into plasma weapons like the plasma rifle. The plasma energy itself, though less destructive than the plasma in the sun and completely stable unlike the Sun’s, was effective against everything from regular troops to highly armored vehicles.
The gun was capable of emitting hot plasma pulses at a quite high rate of fire, an estimated cyclical rate of fire of approximately 1100 pulses per minute and the pulses could fry most things as well as cause short-circuits in machinery. Armor was as good as useless against this weapon and I had already seen that it was highly effective against monsters with hard skin too as it had made my battle against the “goat-demons” much easier.
Another great thing about this gun was that unlike regular machinegun weapons, it was easy to keep the flow of firepower steady as the recoil wasn’t as bad as with projectile-based weapons and the recoil also didn’t push the gun upwards, only backwards, so it was possible to just continue pumping cells into the target without having to use burst fire.

The only problem was that I had no room for my newly acquired weapon, so I decided to leave my chain gun behind because I had nearly run out of 5.56 bullets.

After having checked whether I had forgotten anything of importance, I resumed my search for a way out of this hellhole, while being on my guard. I knew that these creatures were never at one spot at a time. They were constantly on the move, roaming around inside the base, searching for their prey, and a few of the bastards could just as well have escaped my initial sweep.


“Oh shit!” Hauser whispered under his breath as he dropped back behind a metallic wall. A small group of brown creatures with spikes and sharp claws were searching the area – doubtlessly looking for something to satisfy their lust for blood with.

He had reached the upper levels of the Martian Base H.Q. and was rather close to the nearest emergency shuttle. The frightened Colonel carefully peeked around the doorframe, but quickly pulled his head back as he saw a monster look in his direction. He was shaking uncontrollably.
He prayed to God that it hadn’t seen him and slowly slid further and further into the shadowy corner of the hallway where he was hiding. A menacing sound suddenly made him freeze in his tracks.

It was the sound of claws clattering rhythmically on the metal grated floor and it was drawing nearer to the door through which the huddling Colonel had just looking into the room with the brown things...


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