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Episode Levels

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I am using jdoom v1.13.1 and placed the .wad files from my "Doom Collectors Edition" into the "Doomsday" Folder as instructed.

I then uninstalled the "Doom Collectors Edition" from my system.

I am using Windows XP (Home) O.S.

The "front end" for the "Doom Collectors Edition" allows you to move to various Episode/Levels of each game.

I don't see this feature within "jdoom"?

Any help sure would be appreciated

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JDoom does not have a frontend launcher to select levels, that I know of, so let me explain the idclev cheat for you...

Type idclev then episode number (1-4) then the level (1-9) for Ultimate Doom. So idclev24 would take you to Episode 2 Level 4.

Type idclev then the level number (01-32) in Doom 2, TNT and Plutonia. So, idclev 15 would take you to map 15.

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Frontends...who needs them? Good ole' fashioned DOS prompt will make my day ANY day.

But that's just me.

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I just had a nice email back from Jaakko the author of jdoom and he explained to me that there are two ways to launch a diferent event and level.

You can use the "warp" console command followed by the level nunber.

Or within his front end you can launch into a different level by selecting the "Game" Tab and type in as an example "-warp 21" (no quotes) and this will also launch the paticular level you choose.

Using his front end and playing "Final Doom TNT" you would use the command to launch the Episode & Level such as "-warp 3 4" (no quotes)

Hope perhaps this might help others?

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