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How to fix Doom 3 to run on more modern systems?

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It is barraged by huge FPS drops on low and smallest resolution, even though I have a system that bypasses all the requirements.

I tried looking it up, but all I find are 2004 website links.

Help? If anyone even posts here anymore?

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Doom 3 BFG

(rimshot: ba-DOOM-tsssss)

Seriously though - some time ago there was a project called iodoom3 (a source port). I haven't read about it in some time and have no idea what its current state is, but check it out and maybe it's worth something:


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How long did you play it? Oddly, for me, Doom 3 ran better after the first few minutes. It's like it had to "settle in" first.

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I have the same problem. Ironically, I actually get higher frame rates and faster loading times when I use Sikkmod (though I've pretty much stopped using it)

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