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Lorcán's Doom II arrangements?

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I don't think he ever made an arrangement of the full Doom2 soundtrack, just a few songs: map01, map02, and map28 (that I'm aware of), and map23, considering that it's the same song in both IWADs. I've been hoping for a full Doom and Doom2 set from this guy for a while, his Evilution mixes are absolutely awesome.

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It would be very nice to see/hear more from Lorcán. I really like what he has done with TNT and would love to hear his take on the Doom 1 soundtrack.

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Lorcan did all the tracks that were in TNT, regardless of whether they were original to TNT or not. Simply to make a 'complete' TNT music pack (i.e rather than just doing TNT's original music tracks).

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