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Vanilla Chex Quest 1 & 2 in ZDoom

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I present probably the most anticipated doom wad of the last few years, maybe even the last decade:

Near perfect recreations of vanilla Chex Quest 1 and 2 (the original ones, not the ones released alongside Chex Quest 3)in ZDoom!

This was originally made for a person that was having issues with Dosbox when trying to run the vanilla Chex Quest 2 as well as when running Chocolate Chex Quest 2, so once I completed it I figured I'd share it here as well.

From the Readme in the rar (and the About in the wads themselves):

Files are meant to recreate a vanilla Chex Quest 1/2 experience as closely as possibly in ZDoom.
Files are to be run as pwads with Doom.wad (Ultimate Doom)
All resources are from the original Chex Quest 1&2 (chex.wad & chex2.wad) with a bunch of code copy+pasted from Chex3.wad and the ZDoom wiki.

Flemoidus Cycloptis Commonus which face away from the player when moving towards them have been kept in as that is vanilla behavior.

Readme also contains instructions on how to configure ZDoom for vanilla play for those unfamiliar with ZDoom.


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