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Chivalry Medieval Warfare

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I am surprised there isn't any thread for this game here. 'Tis awesome. Best melee combat FPS hands down. Been playing it almost constantly since 2012. It always shows up on big Steam sales so you really ought to grab it if you haven't already. There is also the expansion Deadliest Warrior but it isn't as good IMO due to lack of Team Objective mode.


Anyway, official mod support was added to the game a couple of months ago along with Steam Workshop support. Since the game already has a system in place that lets you decapitate limbs from players, it was inevitable for this beauty to come along:

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Play chivalry almost every day, one of my favourite games to play currently along with Counter Strike:Global Offensive.
Still haven't played the Black Knight mod yet but i enjoyed the Giant Slayers mod for a while (Hearing the miniature Mason:Man At Arms taunts were hilarious as well :P)

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