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Problem With My Level

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Ok, so I was trying to insert music into one of my levels with XWE version 1.16. I double-clicked the MUS button in the menu, but i unchecked the box on the side. I was trying to open a music from MARSW301.WAD to insert into it. Once I did that, it closed out and said a lump was inserted. I tried to play the level with ZDooM but it said 'THINGS' not found in map02. Does anybody know how I can fix this? I'd greatly appreciate some help!

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Sounds like the music lump you inserted is placed after the MAP02 marker. And putting anything aside from the standard lumps THINGS\LINEDEFS\SIDEDEFS\etc between MAPXX and BLOCKMAP lumps will most likely cause trouble. You can move lumps by pressing CTRL + U or D.

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