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Legacy and the Mac

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Was messing with Legacy on a Mac Book and for whatever reasons I'll get stuck in an auto-run or the console will appear at the press of a random button. I'm only using the keyboard, and even touching the trackpad doesn't seem to affect anything other than mouselook. Unless I'm blind and didn't look hard enough, I couldn't find anything relating to this issue on their website.

The Autorun also seems to enable itself, again, with any random button, though generally it seems I need to press two keys for it to engage, and it'll either strafe, backpedal, or move forward at run speed. I haven't even been pressing Shift.

The Mac Legacy does seem to be behind in versions compared to Linux/Win (1.40 alpha 2 maybe as opposed to 1.44 Alpha 5), so it could just be that it's still glitches that can't be fixed unless there is an updated version. I couldn't find settings for disabling the console, but I don't know if that would do anything.

Any ideas? Or simply stop trying with Legacy on the Mac OSX and just go back to my other Mac ports?

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We do not have anyone on the DoomLegacy team that can debug on the Mac.
We need someone that can debug to help with such issues on version 1.44.
At minimum this requires being able to compile source code and diagnose some of the problems that arise.

This sounds like a keyboard problem. We suspect that the Mac has different scan codes that may be causing problems, but have not gotten input as to what the correct scancodes are for the various flavors of Mac OS.

In Alpha 1.44 there are much more severe problems than this with the graphics initialization not being compatible with the Mac program requirements. I am surprised that you got this far based on some previous debugging efforts, but you may be using the older 1.32 version, which may work best for Mac right now.

There are two Mac DoomLegacy ports, one that uses SDL and older code that uses direct graphics access (see compile options).

Wesley Johnson, Doom Legacy Development Team.

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Were you using bots at the time ??
I encountered an issue where bots seem to overload the event queues.
Probably because they issue so many movement commands.

Some keyup keyboard events go missing and keys get left on.
The cure is to hit each movement key again until you find the stuck one.

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No, I was just playing Singleplayer.

Like you said, it could just be the Mac and that not everything has been sorted with it. As for the stuck keys though, I think it was just a random key, or a combination of two keys (Like W and A being pressed at the same time) that both stuck the movement and brought up the command console.

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