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'1 type' mini community project? (or even bigger)

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An idea popped in my mind where an entire level should be with just one type of mandatory ammo.
I'm currently aiming for just 5 maps, we'll see how it will go, in the meantime there's just one map (made by me(see list of maps below)).

-Only 1 type of ammo in the map. (make the pistol and the fist useless)
-Boom compabitle or less advanced (limit-removing or lower)
-This wad can be a mixed episode with hell or cities or something of yours.
-Stock textures only.
-No other ammo allowed then the one thing you're aiming for.
-Berserk pack is only for the map that is about melee.
-Death exit (no need to if the map is about melee)

Example of a 1 type map: If you want the map to have only plasma attacks, then the map should go something like this; Plasma gun and BFG(mandatory weapons to use through the map) Cacodemons and arachtrons.

List of maps:
MAP01 - 'Bullets' by joe-ilya https://www.mediafire.com/?qm4sp612pk8izgz
MAP02 - 'Melee' by jaws in space
MAP03 - 'Shells' jmickie6666...
MAP04 - 'Plasma' empty
MAP05 - 'Rockets' empty

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So your rules also limit the usage of enemies based on their "ammo"? I'm not sure whether it's the right decision. Shells: Shotgunners? Plus maybe masterminds? Rockets: Cyberdemons only? Or are imps allowed?

I've played your map. Well - the start shows a questionable concept idea, which (despite my initial feeling) isn't downright bad, because the player needs to prove some skill and quick reaction in order to not get shamefully perforated. Otherwise though, the map is really ugly with its texture selections (!), alignment wraps (!!), odd angles (!!!), illogical blue door (!!!!), shooting-gallery gameplay further on (oh...), and even an empty "secret" (WTF?!?).

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I'll join scifista here, redo that map since isn't so beautiful...

also, this looks like a interesting project, good luck with it...

maybe i make a map for this, but don't be too sure...

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jmickle66666666 said:

I can go over it and expand it/ make it vanilla compatible if you want?

but yeah if you want to edit it that's fine

Should be better if you'll do this instead.

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