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dumb boom map

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Gameplay was an afterthought, haven't beat it yet or tested much, I don't even like it very much. It looks slightly ok I guess.

I was too lazy to playtest fully. Already see a likely change to make so probably not final version.

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I am familiar with some of your work, gggmork, and still my mind is always blown with seeing every new piece from you. Nice "organic" details, and I'm impressed and surprised how it (in combanation with blinking effects) makes the enemy individuals hard to distinguish in the surroundings.

Useless failed FDA, really short, I just felt like posting it anyway: http://filesmelt.com/dl/idgaf.lmp

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Ha ha, thanks for the demos. The part I thought of maybe changing was how its easy to just sit in the yellow key hall and shoot rockets from there, but I still haven't playtested enough to know if that basically ruins the map or not.

I used the same basic 'technique' to make 'organic' stuff that I used in mappingwhilehighonmountaindew (and I hate advertising for coke but whatever)- make some basic 'normal' structure like interesting stairs or something (with most height differences on ceiling since monsters can barely walk over a pebble), vertical/horizontal mirror copy paste it in multiple rows/colums just to give you more 'fabric' to work with, rotate it (45 or whatever) so there's interesting non perpendicular angles etc, then cut rectangles out which is easy in db2. Then 4x mirror paste those cut out pieces. You can cut the box out anywhere you want, thus being able to pull multiple unique 'pieces' from the same simple 'seed' architecture. So it actually doesn't take much time to make this type of thing.. the seed architecture is small and just takes a moment, most of the rest is copy paste/flip/rotate.

I might try having gameplay (monster placement etc) as part of the copy pasting next time.

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Here's a random first exit/probably an UV-Max. I knew where the YK and the yellow "door" were so not an FDA, but that's the furthest I got in my first attempt.

But yeah, the weirdest shit is an accurate description. Loved it though! Looks awesome, especially in automap heh. I also found not getting totally raped by a gggmork map a delightful surprise.

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