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Doom Mapping Streamers?

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Are there many people that stream when they make maps, especially speedmapping? I love seeing how other people go about it, I know Tarnsman occasionally does so and it's super interesting to watch.

Are there any others? Is anyone interested in starting to do so?

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This isn't exactly what you're looking for, but hopefully it will hold you over for the time being. I killed a lot of time watching these. Even though it is not 100% accurate, it does show a timelapsed making of any map you tell it, or you can watch the pre generated iwad maps that revenant hosts on his site

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what if...

we had a doombuilder plugin that could "record" all your actions (like it keeps a list in your undo tab, etc.) and could store that in the dbs file (or something similar) so that you could play it all back like a demo. one would be able to, for instance, sit back and let it play but also roam around in 3d mode while it did so, so you could essentially sit inside the map and watch it be built around you. basically like what Revenant did, only a bit more in-depth

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