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Distributing Doom Builder 2 texturesets config?

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We all know that Doom Builder 2 shows textures in default texturesets (i.e. Base, Hell, Outdoors, Rock), to help mappers with finding an appropriately themed texture.

The editor also allows to create custom ones: using Tools->Game Configurations->Textures. Once you define them, they'll be saved in a config file and they'll be connected with the map format that you're currently using (Boom, Doom 2, ZDoom:Hexen format...). I have found that this config file is located in Users/<nameofuser>/Appdata/Local/Doom Builder/Builder.cfg and it's different from the config in Doom Builder 2 directory in program files.

Now my question is: Is there a way to somehow "send" my texture set to another person, who can comfortably add it to his DB2 configuration too? I'm asking for a comfortable, non-hacky, user-friendly way, if possible.

Purpose: Let's say there's a mapping project limiting texture usage. For example, to Doom E1 textures, or anything other (I actually have something other in mind). So I'd create the set, somehow rip my config file and provide a download for other people, who would somehow install it in their Doom Builder. How could that be executed non-intricately - that's what I'm asking.

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Probably can just ask people to copy-paste some stuff to their cfgs? Or is someone unable to do that?

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