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So I've been looking for AOL Doom (aoldm15.zip or aoldm.wad) for years and years. I recently found a download link to an incomplete file, which left me with about 1/6th of the .wad. The portion of the .wad I have contains only levels from the shareware version, plus some demo files; all the good stuff is in the part of the file that I don't have.

All the info I have is here: http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=632154

Does anyone have a copy of this?

If no copy can be located, I'm thinking I might just recreate it from memory. My memory is incomplete, so does anyone remember this mod? I need specific details.

Here's what I remember:

All the monster sprites were replaced by a static image of Steve Case's head. I think it was this pic: http://www.nndb.com/people/010/000031914/steve-case.jpg

When the enemies took damage there was an alternate sprite of Steve's head with some red lines across his face (supposed to look like blood, but made with MS Paint).

The weapons fired AOL floppies and CDs. This is kinda where I'm stuck at the moment. Most Doom weapons don't have projectile sprites as far as I know, so how could this have been accomplished? Maybe I'm remembering wrong?

The chainsaw blade was replaced with a spinning AOL CD. This part is no problem, although I would love to know which AOL CD it was.

The enemies (the ones with sprite projectiles) fired either AOL floppies or blue AOL logos. I can't remember which.

There was some kind of title screen that talked about PF@AOL and said something to the effect of "Die Steve Case!".

I have no idea what else was changed. AFAIK the levels were unmodified, but maybe there were some custom (AOL themed) textures.

No idea what the music was like; assuming vanilla.

If anyone could fill in some of the blanks, or better yet point me to a copy of this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

BTW, I don't have the file sizes and ending addresses for the demo files from the .wad. Could someone tell me a little about the demo file format so I might be able to figure this out? Thanks.

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This would be better asked in the "looking for" thread, stickied at the top of the list. I'm pretty sure you're right - I think a .DEH file was included that allowed the pistol and shotgun to shoot projectiles. Either way, I remember this vaguely, hopefully it's out there somewhere!

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Hahaha this wad sounds awesome. I miss when the internet was new.

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Thanks for the replies, guys!

I created a thread for this because I want it to be seen by as many people as possible; This thing is really hard to find. Also, if it can't be found, I would like people to post any details they remember about it so I can recreate it.

I've done so many different google searches that google thought I was a bot... There's nothing left for me to do except post in more forums or write a program to brute force search the entire internet...

The rebuilding process is going okay so far. I have a couple sprites and sounds. I ripped the AOL sounds from an actual AOL 5.0 disc. I'd like to do this thing better than the original if possible. One of the hardest things to find so far is a picture of the back of Steve Case's head (so I can have the heads face different directions).

Someone just has to have this!

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Well, maybe your best bet is to wait for Bob Evans to upload the CompuServe CD to archive.org (thread). Some of us expect it to contain some lost works, maybe aoldm is there, who knows. Unfortunately, he hasn't posted in several weeks, but I'm still hoping he will upload it eventually.

And as Doomkid92 said, it's a better idea to ask in this thread (even if you don't get a quick answer, being a sticky thread it will stay on top, unlike this thread that will become buried, unless you bump it, but mods in here don't look kindly at that).

Good luck.

EDIT: Reading your post again, and the one in Overclockers' forums, I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by "Doom demo" and "shareware version". If I'm not mistaken, pwads can't be loaded if you use Doom's shareware episode. Would you care to expand on this?

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Hmm. Well the broken file I have is an IWAD, 1241 lumps, 4,560,898 bytes. Looks like it's a modified DOOM1.wad. This might be why I'm having so much trouble finding it.

Here's what it says in the 1.9 readme:

Welcome to v1.9 of DOOM!

id Software respectfully requests that you do not modify the
levels for the shareware version of DOOM. We feel that the
distribution of new levels that work with the shareware version
of DOOM will lessen a potential user's incentive to purchase the
registered version.

It only technically asks that the levels not be modified, and they aren't. Loophole?

If it is found I would be happy to convert it into a PWAD. I'm still learning about this stuff, but that seems doable.

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Been talking to Rod, and I have tons of new info! No download link yet...

1a. Fist:         Hand holding AOL floppy (5.25" I think) that you can smack monsters with
1b. Chainsaw: Hand holding AOL CD that spins
2.  Pistol:       AOL floppy (3.5"), the metal part slides open when fired
3.  Shotgun:   Modem with lights that blink when fired
4.  Chaingun:  ?
5.  Rockets:    Fires AOL CDs

It seems there was a different image of Steve Case for each monster. I actually like them all to have the same sprite; you can't tell which monster it is or which direction it's facing, which makes the game interesting in my opinion.

There's tons more info sitting in my inbox, just waiting to be sifted through. Maybe these details will help a few of you guys remember this.

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