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Onslaught Six

Doom The Way Bobby Prince Did It

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I think there's been a handful of projects like this before, but they didn't really suit my tastes. I figured, I'm a musician, I'm a pretty smart guy, I can figure out how to do stuff in MIDI, right?

Long story short: This is an "alternate universe" take of what Doom's soundtrack might have turned out like, if Bobby Prince were handed a different handful of tapes and CDs, or if he had chosen some different cuts from those, or picked different riffs to "borrow," etc. etc. The difference between this and a lot of similar projects is that everything in this one will essentially be from "scratch," meaning I'm going to hand-program everything from nothing rather than use any existing MIDIs I find on Google. This ensures consistency in project tone and quality.

Of course, not every song in Doom was "inspired" by an existing jam; many of them were wholly original (because Bobby Prince is an actual musician and composer, too) and as such, there will be several wholly original tracks in this as well, or tracks that are basically MIDI versions of existing tracks from one of my music projects.

So far I have three tracks done, E1M1, E1M3 and E1M8. E1M1 borrows its riff from Painkiller by Judas Priest, while the other two are based on original compositions from one of my other music projects.

I intend on doing a set for both Doom and Doom 2, including all incidental music like the opening, intermission screens, etc. For right now I'm just going to stick to the existing soundtrack layouts (so, for example, E1M8 will also be E3M4) but if I find myself particularly inspired or creative I might expand that out to be more. I'm also going to rearrange the Doom 2 soundtrack a little bit just to make things a little more "even," because I never liked how some tracks were repeated up to 3 times but others had a single use.

Here's a WAD:
[url and filename subject to change]

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Interesting music wad, Onslaught! But is kind of sad seen that is going into obscurity...

I liked a lot the "At Doom's Gate" psyched version... hope to hear more in the future!

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Oh man, these are really awesome - I especially love that E1M1 replacement, it's so.. Authentic! Keep it up, I beg of you!

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I didn't like e1m1 for how literal of an interpretation it was of the original... e1m3 I enjoyed a lot though! Keep it up!

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