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DOS game soundtracks with intros

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I've noticed that not many DOS game soundtracks had those 1-10 second long intros that don't repeat during the loop, mostly found in arcade -and console games. I think part of the Death Rally songs had intros and Warcraft 2's human soundtrack 3 had one too in soundblaster, but that would be just me. Even the Apogee's cancelled, poor quality game Gateworld had some distinct intros. Do you know other DOS games with this type of soundtracks? How were these made back in the day and what were the limits for this in the PC gaming?

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Any tracked music format would let you jump to an arbitrary point in the pattern list, so if you used that you could do what you're describing easily.

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Games used to use variants of the MIDI format which often included loop points. Apogee's enhanced MIDI (or EMIDI) is a good example, it added 10 new controlled events to the MIDI format (110 to 119), four of which control looping. Other advanced formats like XMI or HMI/HMP also had loop events. Id software's MUS format, however, didn't. It was a simplified, dumbed-down MIDI instead of an advanced format with more features, so the only loop it can do is from the end back to the start.

With loop points in your music, you can have an intro that is played only once when starting the song, then a repeating looped part, and then you can even have an "outro" that is played only once when ceasing to loop the song without stopping the song entirely.

In XMI it was even possible to have a loop counter. So a part of the song could be looped 7 times, and another part could be looped 5 times, and the entire song could be looped infinitely. I don't think this was often used, but the possibility was there. There weren't any sort of technical limits; just that musicians made a song in MIDI and then let the programmers convert it into the fancy-schmancy nonstandard format, so these nice little features weren't often used.

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