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Just letting people know on here since I said that I'd continue Hell Revealed 2 tonight; I've had a long day being stuck in a traffic jam for 2 hours after work, and having to sort out my car insurance for my new car, so therefore I'm not really in the mood to stream more HR2 this evening.


I should hopefully continue tomorrow night though. Sorry to disappoint anyone.....well except for Jaws.

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And due to an unexpected NVQ thing popping up this evening, my plans have been scuppered yet again! I am going to stream something this evening but not HR2, which I hope to continue tomorrow night instead. (I'll be practicing some Fortnite, but since this is a Doom stream thread I won't link my channel here this time...)


EDIT: I'm done with Fortnite, BR games and competitive stuff in general. More focus on co-op and single player for me from now on!

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I won't be playing more Hell Revealed 2 tonight; it's been a hard week of work, I have a busy weekend and I don't fancy torturing myself on map 32 and with HR2 in general tonight. I'll get back to the @Jaws In Space-inflicted pain on Sunday night.

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