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I came to a personal realisation this evening after reading an article my mother showed me, and I just did an hour and a half livestream apologising for a lot of retrospective livestreaming actions I've done, and how I genuinely intend to move forward from this point on. Feel free to watch this if you want to.

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Every Wednesday and Saturday from 10:30 PM CST until late. 

I check out Doom Mods and WADS you don't typically see. Like recently I covered NJDoom and had an awesome discussion about Mr. Dream. I am pretty new to Doom Streaming and I am trying to become more active in the community. But I have been playing all sorts of Doom since I was a child. I also saw the rise, fall, rise, then fall again of Doom Connector. 



Also, if yall know any other obscure wads or just unique wads, in general, lemme know. I am also trying to work on a better time slot as the one I have there are some awesome streams happening at the same time. I will do everything from weapons mods to UV Pistol starts. Pretty much I am facinated by what this community does with the Doom engine and love to see it pushed to it's limits. I know I am going to need some help finding a good Christmas wad for the 26th. 

My youtube is utilized for Doom tutorials on how to get things working with the Zdoom Launcher. Pretty basic for most of us. My goal is to use to get non-doomers and turn them into doomers.

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