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BaphometWorldMix Map 09





I don't usually play much doom but from time to time I play slaughter maps

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Hi there @Suitepee


Don't know if you've played them all?

My first 3 maps have been updated, MAP02 has a whole new section to explore, switches have been put to default (no glowing eyes if not activated) text messages are now given to switches which do something out of "eye sight" so the player never gets confused. MAP04 still needs to be updated but the first 3 are final. Difficulty has been ramped up a bit, no more annoying teleportation of enemies especially on MAP02, Monsters (most of them) now roam the streets in that map. Still not sure about the OP super shotgun. More maps will be added later on.


Feel freel to give it a go :)


https://www.dropbox.com/s/cmhy6vit0lp3mlr/Doom - Condemned To Eternity (Mappack).rar?dl=0



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